вторник, 31 августа 2010 г.


i never liked 30 Seconds To Mars but today i listened to some of their new releases and understand:THESE GUYS ROCK! i thought their music's a bit dull but it's wonderful! recommend u to listen :)
and jared (vocal) is an actor at the same time-watch 'urban legend' and 'alexander'-some of his best films)

photo of jared-just to make u feel better ;)

понедельник, 30 августа 2010 г.

too cold

maybe i'm just too lazy to put on my sweater?
p.s.russia is full of surprises-monday +30,tuesday+15 haha


that's my cat called bella!she's happy to meet u!bella came home home yesterday because all summer she was at my grandma's.i always say that every summer bella goes on holidays-'cause when she's at my grandma's she can climb at every wardrome she wants :D i was so happy to meet her 'cause i haven't seen her for whole summer :C bella's a bit crazy,but very cute ^^