пятница, 27 мая 2011 г.

when the sun rose again

this week i've been searching for some new summer clothes and i've bought some :)
they're from Centro.it was the first time i've been shopping there :)
i can say it was a great fun because everything there is sooo cheap!
and this shoes are so comfortable,the heel is not really high,but legs look great :3

sandals from H&M.u can even see the price tag,haha,it's in rubles,of course :)

it's from some small shop near my school,it has opened yesterday.
i fell in love with this hat immediatly :3
my mum said i looked like a widow when i pinned it to my hair,hahhaha)
of course not,it's more english-style :)

chinos,H&M.i've beem looking for good-fitting chinos for a month or so,it was quite hard to find them.
and belt is from Lindex.

H&M again!i adore this jacket,it's just perfect!
and the lining is striped,it's white-blue :)

these shoes are not quite new,they've been in my wardrobe for a year.
but they're for summer so i couldn't find any outfit to wear them during my school year)

i've started using my notebook which i bought some weeks ago.it's for my to-do lists :)
it costed a fortune but it looks superb :3

and also there was a celebration at our school,i don't really know how to call this,it wasn't a prom,but some kind of congratulation to the graduates :) and then we went walking :)

congratulations to the graduates..and some of them are laughing there heads off! :D

my friends playing and our history teacher singing!
he's so nice hahah :3
and he's holding a toy in his hand,it's his toy,it helps him on the lessons :D
they're playing Anarchy in the UK

me(the father) and steve(my son) sitting on the ground.it's Blagodatnaya street where our school is situated.
i'm so keen on it,it's long and wide like a prospect,but not crowded and full of cars.


me,walking along the tram ways.

i did this photo and i'm so keen on it,colours are lovely.

on the ground again,now with sasha or lama,how she prefers others to call her.

понедельник, 9 мая 2011 г.

even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies

summer's coming and it's warm in the street again (but on previous week it was cold,windy and it was raining for 2 days) i don't like summer but it's pretty nice to wear all my summer clothes and shoes.i want to make some differences in my wardrobe but i still haven't got enough time because of my exams :(

the day before yesterday it was my brothers's b-day and we were celebrating it at home.he's 7 now (:

our cousin ann,she's the same age as my brother misha

misha's making his wish (:
and some flowers for misha

вторник, 3 мая 2011 г.

Le Roi a fait battre tambour

i always loved vintage clothes: long dresses,gloves,small hats and corsets :3
so when there was a chance to put them on.. (:

Costume & style-Irina IriSSa Pavshina
Photographer-Andrey Sherstuk

воскресенье, 1 мая 2011 г.

in the shadow of the season to find a reason, to carry on

first warm days in SPB! it was Easter and now it's cold again.we went for a walk in the park and it's quite funny to see people wearing t-shirts when there's even some snow on the ground. but again,it's not real snow, i  think. it's like a winter memory (:

we're quite good-looking,aren't we? :D

new light of tomorrow

wow,i haven't written anything here for a long time (:

1.it's time to say 'hello summer!',but it's too cold in the street-smth about 0° C,no sun,etc. and we also have some snow in the parks, but it's too dirty and there's a very small amount of it. it means no winter clothes which i like: fur hats,caterpillar boots and warm coats.such a pity for-i don't fancy summer much,i love bitterly cold days and winter sports.

bye-bye cold days :(
fur hat:H&M
coat:Gloria Jeans

2. i'd like to go to a concert this summer and 2 great groups are coming to SPB, but can't decide where i want to go!
classic metal or hard rock?
                                                                   a difficult decision for me!