воскресенье, 1 мая 2011 г.

new light of tomorrow

wow,i haven't written anything here for a long time (:

1.it's time to say 'hello summer!',but it's too cold in the street-smth about 0° C,no sun,etc. and we also have some snow in the parks, but it's too dirty and there's a very small amount of it. it means no winter clothes which i like: fur hats,caterpillar boots and warm coats.such a pity for-i don't fancy summer much,i love bitterly cold days and winter sports.

bye-bye cold days :(
fur hat:H&M
coat:Gloria Jeans

2. i'd like to go to a concert this summer and 2 great groups are coming to SPB, but can't decide where i want to go!
classic metal or hard rock?
                                                                   a difficult decision for me!

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