понедельник, 15 августа 2011 г.

the tides of change pulled us apart

i haven't written anything here for a long time,but now it's time to show here my summer purchases :)
later i'm going to do a big post about my summer trips,but now too early,because we may go somewhere else,it's still 2 weeks left :)

dress,H&M,it's for school

skirt, Mango,i'm going to wear it on the 1st of september

short t-shirt, Topshop.i bought this t-shirt to wear it with my chinos,but it goes perfectly with lots of clothes 

new plain white t-shirts, H&M

new and veeeeery tight dress, Incity

jacket, Topshop,it's for the 1st of september too 

a very lovely t-shirt, H&M for kids

my fav band t-shirt,i was surprised to find it in H&M

sport trousers, Incity

little black dress,nice'n'easy, H&M

new high-heeled shoes,i really wanted them for a long time, Centro

heel is about 12sm

i hadn't considered buying them when i first tried them on,on the first day of the trip,but it seems all scandinavians
are wearing this type of sneakers,so on the last day of the trip,helsinki again,i bought them,because they're quite basic and stylish ; Seppala

bottle, Legoland

MY BEST PURCHASE! It's Marielle,i bought her in stockholm and she only cost about 5 euros,i can't really believe it even now

aand my plain black ballerinas,nothing special,but very comfortable

i also have bought a long black cardigan and a big black bag,all H&M, but unfortunately i haven't got any pics of them :(

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