суббота, 2 июля 2011 г.

trying to turn against the flow

today was such a great day even if it's so hot we barely couldn't walk!
my friend sonya and me went to peterhof (in russia most people prefer to call it 'petrodvorets' but it's up to you)
i live not very far from it,in 30 minutes if you use car or bus)
i went there many times but i think i'll never get tired of visiting peterhof,it's so unusual and beautiful!
but i'm really annoyed with all those russian tourists who run around the park in swimsuits,screaming and drinking beer! and i just hate wet people,don't they guess that their clothes get transparent,when they run around fountains and dive in them,so everyone can see their underwear? *facepalm*



me,wearing H&M sandals and t-shirt and LC WAIKIKI shorts

my favourite hairstyle,all my own hair
the surprising thing is it's really easy to make,it takes only about 5 minutes :)

aaaaand my new phone!


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  1. Haha I love how you said - 'i hate wet people' !
    Nice blog :) The pictures are lovely!
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